GpsMail 2.4.1 APK for Android

GpsMail 2.4.1
File name: GpsMail.APK
ID: android.gpsmail
Version: 2.4.1
File Size: 0.1Mb

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GpsMail Info

It is called regularly by a system and works in a background
and transmits position information acquired with GPS by an email.
When GPS is not effective, the email is transmitted.

Added a setting to send the URL only, Twitter for.

10 seconds to wait for the GPS measurements.
Timeout to 30 seconds with a mail server.

Because GPS worked when it was necessary, there became few battery consumptions.
3 minutes were added in the interval of the email.

Supported Android 1.6

Bug Fixed.

What's new in GpsMail 2.4.1

Was modified so that it appears correctly in all resolutions.
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