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Heads or Tails? 1.0
File name: Heads-or-Tails?.APK
ID: com.noodlescodes.cointoss
Version: 1.0
File Size: 0.1Mb

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Heads or Tails? Description

This is a fun little game where you guess whether a coin will fall heads up or tails up! Your high school mathematics teacher said that you should only guess right 50% of the time, prove them wrong! Of course you could always use it for deciding who goes first in a game when you don't have a coin on hand.

It will keep track of your statistics including:
- The number of coins tossed
- The number of heads tossed
- The number of tails tossed
- The number of times you've guessed correctly
- The percentage you've guessed correctly (so you can make sure you prove your teacher wrong!)
- The most correct guesses in a row you've made

Note: It is quite common in real life to toss a coin and get heads 6 times in a row, similarly for tails, and this has been replicated in the game.

Note: this app does not promote gambling and no form of in game currency is used, it is allowing a player to view a random coin toss sequence and guess heads or tails without any positive or negative outcomes.

Heads or Tails? | 7 Reviewers | | Rating: 2.6

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