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Iqro for Active Learning Metod 1.0
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Application Study of complete Iqro volume 1 up to 6 volumes of Iqra ',

usually translated as "read", is the first word of the Revelation given by God to the Prophet Muhammad. Of course this is surprising for a prophet, because he was an illiterate.
What to read?, "Ma aqra?", thus turning the Prophet after repeated questions Gabriel delivered these commands. We also did not find a description of what the object should be read from the word iqra ' is, therefore, there is a range of opinion on the interpretation of experts. The word iqra ' comes from the word qara'a, in dictionaries, this word has a meaning that is diverse, including reading, analyzing, studying, contemplating, researching, etc. Thus the command iqra ' or "read" this does not require the presence of a text that can be read, nor do they require the presence of a speech that can be heard. This sense correspond to the meaning of the word qara'a itself which initially indeed has the meaning of "summons".
The Qur'an often use the word qara'a in various verses. Sometimes it comes to "readings" from God or the Holy Scriptures (for example: QS 17:45), but sometimes also concerns the "readings" sourced from human or not of God (for example: QS 17:14). By looking at this evidence coupled with the absence of an explanation of what the accompanying objects, then it can be understood when the word iqra ' is considered to have the sense of a broad and General in nature.

Conclusion can be drawn that the iqra ' which means reading, analyzing, studying, contemplating, researching, and others, includes any object reachable by those words. Be it "to read" paragraph paragraph sourced from God (Scripture) also "read" human works such as books and newspapers. Included here is examine, analyze and ponder the universe, the dynamics of society and of the private self. Examples such as enjoying poetry or reading magazines, troubleshoot Office or RT, teaching or working on HOMEWORK is the implementation of a command execution iqra ' the simplest. With such breadth of coverage of the word iqra ', is thus every breath we can be regarded as implementing orders iqra '?, of course not!. Because the word iqra ' is associated with the phrase "bi ismi Rabbika" (with Your name).

This means that the meaning of the iqra ' is not just the origin of reading, but at the same time also demanded the culprit so clever-clever selecting objects that read, researched, analyzed and delivered can be contemplated in the "name of God". In other words we can say that we are also required to choose an object from the iqra ' appropriately and must be of good and useful things, not about ugliness. Iqra ' is the first guidance given by God Almighty to mankind, the only beings that are dianugerahiNya scientific potential, the potential of which is not owned by Angel though. The higher the "readings", the more open the secrets of nature and science is also growing. Is not an exaggeration to say that the iqra ' is the main requirement to build civilization. Iqra ' is not only devoted to the Prophet Muhammad, but also for all mankind for all time. Since the realization of orders iqra ' is the gate to the happiness of living in the world and the hereafter.

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