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My Favorite Restaurants 1.062
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Version: 1.062
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Common scenario: It’s Saturday night, your friends/family are in town, and you want to take them out for a nice dinner. You have no idea where to take them and prefer to get trusted recommendations from friends over unreliable restaurant reviews from strangers. My Favorite is the solution. Download this app and have the advice of your friends with you at all times.

***About My Favorite restaurants***
Generic online review sites and recommendations are written by people you don’t know who might have completely different tastes than you. This app changes all of that. My Favorite is a unique and handy app that gives you access to personal restaurant tips from your closest friends, wherever you are and without having to contact them directly. Using location services the app lists all your friends Favorite restaurants closest to your location. It doesn’t matter if you’re close to home or in another city. You can add a maximum of 15 Favorites in each city, keep track of your own Favorites at anytime, and have a list of your friends Favorite restaurants everywhere you go. Before you know it every dinner is a great experience and you will have your friends to thank for it!

Faceless recommendations are often unreliable, a simple tip by a trusted friend can be very powerful and effective. My favourite is different from other apps because, with My Favorite you can see trusted reviews and find new locations simply by browsing the app for your friends’ recommendations anytime, anywhere. My Favorite will only show the restaurants preferred by your friends. Share and receive trustworthy tips, add your personal Favorites, review unforgettable meals and discover great new places to eat – It just takes a single tap!

My Favorite shows personal restaurant reviews added by your friends, so you don’t just see your friends recommendations but also why they suggest you go there. Of course you can keep your own list of Favorites and show your friends the best addresses in town. With My Favorite you always have your trusted list of Favorite restaurants close by!

***Find route to restaurant***
Whether you’re in a familiar city or somewhere completely new, trying to find the quickest and easiest way from point A to point B can be a hassle. My Favorite has a built in map that leads you directly to your chosen restaurant with the press of a button.

***Automatic Profile***
Fed up with creating yet another profile? So are we! My Favorite makes use of Facebook so all you have to do is Login and you’re ready to explore. Don’t worry, we’ll never post to Facebook without asking you first. From here it is an easy-to-use restaurant finder that let you explore all the dining options by none other than your friends.

***Invite your Friends***
This app is much more fun and effective when you have friends recommending their Favorite restaurants! So start inviting your friends to join the My Favorite community because the opinions of your friends matter!

My Favorite Features:
- Find great restaurants nearby, recommended by your friends
- See all your friends Favorite restaurants
- Recommend restaurants you think your friends should visit
- Always have access to reviews written by your friends
- Add your own personal Favorites anywhere in the world
- Keep track of your own Favorites (15 max. per city)
- Make reservations directly from the app
- Search for Favorites from any location
- Find the quickest route to the restaurant with My Favorite map
- Quick links to restaurant websites for additional information

Download the My Favorite app now and start exploring to discover your friends Favorite Restaurants!

Features of My Favorite Restaurants 1.062

- share restaurants via social media and email
- you can view public favorites now
- bug fix that prevented some apps to update
My Favorite Restaurants | 21 Reviewers | | Rating: 4.3

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