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Omni-Crypt 1.9
File name: Omni-Crypt.APK
ID: com.omnicrypt
Version: 1.9
File Size: 0.2Mb

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Free Omni-Crypt APK
Free Omni-Crypt APK

Omni-Crypt Info

Omni-Crypt (formerly Tri-Crypt) runs as a background service and will monitor and convert WhatsApp .crypt5, .crypt6, .crypt7 and .crypt8 backup files to .crypt legacy encryption. This means that apps which have not been updated to support these additional encryption formats will continue to function correctly. Integrated support for SMS Backup+ is included. The app may also be used as a stand-alone .crypt5, .crypt6, .crypt7 and .crypt8 decrypter / recrypter.

Technical Specifications:

* Manual decrypt / recrypt runs as a background task and displays a progress bar so as not to clutter or freeze the UI thread when dealing with large databases.
* Screen orientation is locked whilst manually decrypting or recrypting so that this important process is not interrupted or terminated prematurely.
* Will check the backup file every 15 minutes. Not all backups occur at 4am because WhatsApp is process and memory aware. Then of course there are manual backups.
* Supports devices which saves the latest backup file in the msgstore-YYY-MM-DD-N format. Most tablets do not save the backup file in the usual format.
* The background service is extremely lightweight and has minimal impact on battery life. It can also be paused so you don't have to remove the app to stop it.
* If you have SMS Backup + installed then Omni-Crypt will send an intent to trigger the backup process. No intent will be sent if it's not installed.
* The background service will publish both an alert and a notification upon each recryption (usually once per day). Please purchase a pro key to disable this.
* Full support for the NEW WhatsApp CRYPT8 encryption format which uses a rolling encryption mechanisim that will update your personal cipher key periodically.


* The app will not decrypt or recrypt CRYPT5 if the gmail linked to your device is not the same gmail that was present when you registered WhatsApp. If the app fails on CRYPT5 then this will be the ONLY reason why. This is not the apps fault so please do not leave a one star rating if you are in the minority of people who experience an issue.
* There are no magic cipher keys for CRYPT6/7/8. The key file is only available to users on rooted devices or users with Android 4.0 or higher (additional setup required). You will therefore REQUIRE a rooted device for CRYPT6/7/8 or Android 4.0+ (see troubleshooting section).


* How do I enable Crypt 6/7/8 on a non-rooted device with Android 4.0 or higher?
* 1.) Visit:
* 2.) Download
* 3.) Extract and read the enclosed "ReadMe.txt" file.

* How do I root my device?
* You should visit XDA Developers Forums and lookup your device to find a relevant rooting guide.

* What happens if the background daemon stops working?
* Simply go into Settings > Apps > Omni-Crypt and tap both "Clear data" and "Clear cache". Then open Omni-Crypt again. This will reset the app and clear any potential corruption with the recrypt scheduler.

* What if Omni-Crypt is not triggering SMS Backup+?
* Open Auto backup settings in SMS Backup+ and tick 3rd party integration.

Pro Version Key:

* If you would like to support my app and / or disable the alerts and notifications created by the background service then please browse my other apps for the Omni-Crypt Key. The Play Store link is here:


* Android 2.1+
* Root required for CRYPT6 / CRYPT7 / CRYPT8 or Android 4.0+ (additional setup)


* Omni-Crypt is provided in good faith that is fit for the purposes described above. However, no guarantees of fitness are expressed or implied here. Thank you.
* Omni-Crypt is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by WhatsApp Inc, Facebook or with / by any of their proprietary apps, trademarks, logos or intellectual property.

Features of Omni-Crypt 1.9

Some minor bug fixes.
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