Quran Dr Ghali 2.0 APK for Android

Quran Dr Ghali 2.0
File name: Quran-Dr-Ghali.APK
ID: quran.drghali
Version: 2.0
File Size: 1.8Mb

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Free Download Quran Dr Ghali APK for Android
Free Download Quran Dr Ghali APK
Free Quran Dr Ghali APK for Android

Quran Dr Ghali Description

If you are looking for the best translation of the Quran then, this is the application you were waiting for.

Available free for Android, Quran Dr Ghali is one of the most faithful translations of the Koran that kept millions of people around the word stuck to its Holy word.
It is easy to understand but respeting its original meanings and names.

Now you can share this wonderful version with whom you prefer.

Who was Dr Ghali?

Born in 1920 Dr Ghali was Professor of Linguistics and Islamic studies. He is well known for his influence in the Quranic studies and one of the international figures in this area.

He spent 20 years of his life interpreting the meanings of Quran into English and his work was considered distinguished in reference to the Holy Quran.

Mohammad Mahmoud Ghali was the head of the English language department in Cairo. He kept the original Arabic names as they were mentioned in the Quran that´s why it is considered one of the best translations.

Download now Quran Dr Ghali and start to enjoy the real meaning of the Holy Quran.

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Download Quran Dr Ghali 2.0 APK

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