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studioFX 4.0.2
File name: studioFX.APK
ID: com.eadvertise.studioFX
Version: 4.0.2
File Size: 4.9Mb

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Free studioFX APK
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In the rapidly changing environment of technological development where Social Media is part of our everyday life we decided to evolve the way of communication between us beyond ordinary.

In our Application we include different aspects of everyday communication between us:
• Printing Services – you can send your photographs through our system and get them printed within few hours
• studioFX – our camera app gives you the opportunity to capture your special moments and post them on social media
In the era of picture we put a lot of effort to make you part of it. Beyond the "traditional", still pictures we are able to turn those special moments into a beautiful story full of pictures!!!

...capture the moments!!!

studioFX | 5 Reviewers | | Rating: 4.8

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