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Time Travel Chess 1.0.4
File name: Time-Travel-Chess.APK
ID: com.timetravelchess.app.mobile
Version: 1.0.4
File Size: 12Mb

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Bringing the classic strategy game to a whole new dimension. Literally!

Have you ever wondered how time travel works? How does the past affect the present? If you are a sci-fi fan, a geek, or a person with curiosity, then you must try the Time Travel Chess!

Time travel chess bridges the gap between the fun of time travelling and strategy. The moves that are changed in the past have a direct effect on the present and incorporating the future element allows players to think more strategically. Each piece in the game has a different ability to time travel backward or forward in time, interlinking the past, the present, and the future.


How time travel chess works:

o Normal chess rules apply in time travel chess.

o Pieces can travel up to 4 frames forward or backward from the present.

o All moves have to be initiated from the present.

o To time travel, select a piece in present time, then click on the timeline (the numbered circles) and choose a time frame you want to move to, the red squares indicate the possible moves.

o Travelling backward in time allows you to take your opponent's pieces in the past, and this has an effect in the present.

o Travelling forward in time, allows your piece to enter into the “time warp” (the four squares at the edge of the board) and you can decide where and when it reappears in the future. This gives you the strategic choice of blocking your opponent's advancement.

o Each piece's ability to travel in time is affected by their normal ability to travel in space, by interchanging the time and space dimension.

How the pieces move:

o The King travels diagonally, vertically or horizontally in any dimension 1 square at a time.

o The Queen travels diagonally, vertically or horizontally in any dimension.

o Rooks travel vertically or horizontally in any dimension.

o Knights travel in an “L” shape in any 2 dimensions.

o Bishops travel diagonally in any 2 dimensions.

o Pawns can only travel in space.

Features of Time Travel Chess 1.0.4

-Added pawn promotion
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