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TrackLogMail Free 1.0.1
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Version: 1.0.1
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TrackLogMail Free Description

Position information of the GPS is acquired every uniformity, and a KML file is made.
A KML file acquired with GPS is transmitted by an email.
When GPS is not effective, the email is transmitted.

The function of this application is GpsMail(Free) + KML file.

*If you while the automatic sending of e-mail, using the other applications,
Please press the Home key.
* If you press the back key, logging, automatic sending of e-mail you will be terminated.

How to see in Google Maps KML file
1.Uploaded to Google drive a KML file that is attached to an e-mail.
2 Click. File.
3.Google track log is displayed in the map.

Operation check
Xperia (2.1-update1)

Features of TrackLogMail Free 1.0.1

Placement of the buttons have been changed.
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Download TrackLogMail Free 1.0.1 APK

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