AES Crypt SMS 1.2 APK for Android

AES Crypt SMS 1.2
File name: AES-Crypt-SMS.APK
ID: com.infotelec.aescryptsms
Version: 1.2
File Size: 0.4Mb

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Free Download AES Crypt SMS APK
Free AES Crypt SMS APK for Android
Free AES Crypt SMS APK

AES Crypt SMS Details

This application allows you to send and receive encrypted SMS.
The encryption method used is the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) also known as Rijndael which is an encryption algorithm approved by the NSA.
The interface has two areas of input/output and two buttons, and a menu accessible by the menu button on your Android device.
A default key is generated during the installation of the application on the device, it is recommended to change, of course, this key if you do not want a SMS is decrypted by someone who is not the recipient expected !
The key change is done via the "Settings" menu button.
Enter a key too long or too short, just a couple of 15 characters. Some characters are inconsistent and accented letters. A message will tell you if incompatible characters are detected.
Once the entry key, think forward to your or your correspondent (s) if you want it (s) understand (s) the meaning of your encrypted SMS!

Features of AES Crypt SMS 1.2

Added ability not to save the key (except the default key) to prevent another you can not read the SMS if you lend your phone.
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