Cryptodroid 2.5 APK for Android

Cryptodroid 2.5
File name: Cryptodroid.APK
ID: com.mOcentury.cryptodroid
Version: 2.5
File Size: 2.9Mb

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Cryptodroid Info

Cryptography is the art of hiding information and only allows one who has the key to be able to understand what the encipher text actually means. With Cryptodroid, you are able to encipher and decipher texts in two different encryption algorithms (Caesar cipher shift and Columnar transposition)

Have fun creating "secret" messages and shares it with your friend now!

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Features of Cryptodroid 2.5

Bug fix
Release update of Cryptodroid Pro
Fix force close
Fix unable to reverse cipher for user who updates the app
Major rewrite of the app
Cipher in both lower or upper case
Holo UI
New application logo!
Cryptodroid | 30 Reviewers | | Rating: 4.1

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