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Quran Muhsin Khan 3.0
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Do you love reading the Quran? Do you think this is the most important book in history?

Now you can have a complete version of the Quran named Mushin Khan , avalable free for Android.

Anything you need to know about his famous book you can have it at your fingertips and take it with you wherever you go having the possibility to read it at any time.

Who was Muhammad Mushin Khan?

Muhammad Mushin Khan was born in 1345 in Qasur iin Pakistan.
He was mostly raced in the city of Kandahar ( Afghanistan) completing his degree in the University of Punjab.

He travelled to England where he lived for over 4 years obtaining a Diploma of Chest Diseases in the University of Whales.

After several jobs Allah, helped him to share the meanings of the Quran into the English.
The Saudi goverment sponsored this english translation which is FREE.

This translation is meant to replace the Yusuf´Ali edition and has been approved by the University of Medina and the Saudi Dar al-lfta.

Download now this version from Google Play Store, its not only EXCELLENT but also FREE.

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