Quran Yusuf Ali 2.0 APK for Android

Quran Yusuf Ali 2.0
File name: Quran-Yusuf-Ali.APK
ID: quran.yusuf.ali.translation
Version: 2.0
File Size: 1.8Mb

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The translation of the Quran Yusuf Ali i s considered one of the most important and faithfull renderings of the Koran and now this version is available for you in your mobile device, FREE.

Millions of users around the world already experienced the magic of taking with them the Holy Koran and now its your turn to try.

Its 100% free and easy to download and its available in your Google Play Store.

Follow God´s Holy word and share the Koran with your loved ones.
What is the Quran Yusuf Ali?

The Holy Quran is considered the sacred book of Islam and without any doubt it is also considered one of the most important books in History.

Muhammad was the Prophet who was revealed the truth of God´s word through the angel Gabriel for over 23 years.

Abu Bakar wrote the first full copilation. The translation is considered an important element as the Islam grows and spreads to the modern world.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali translated the Quran and it is considered the most faithful representation available in English.

Don´t wait any longer download it now and feel close to God following his holy word.

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