Quran Pickthall 2.0 APK for Android

Quran Pickthall 2.0
File name: Quran-Pickthall.APK
ID: quran.pickthall.translation
Version: 2.0
File Size: 1.8Mb

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Free Download Quran Pickthall APK
Free Quran Pickthall APK
Free Quran Pickthall APK

Quran Pickthall Info

Now you have the chance of taking the Quran with you anywhere and read it anytime you want. The Quran Pickthall or Glorious Koran is now available free for Android.

Read its messages and Holly Words, learn about it and turn it into your bedside book with the difference that with this format you can comfortably take it in your purse or wherever you want as it is an app for your cell phone.

Share it with your friends and loved ones, highlight your favourite quotes and study one of the most important books in history.

This application makes it possible.

What is the Quran Pickthall or Glorious Koran?

Marmaduke Pickthall created an explanatory translation of the Glorious Quran taking 2 years to complete its translation considering it the summit of his achievement.

The Quran Pickthall is also known as the Glorious Koran. And it was the first translation of a Muslim whose native language was English.

This is one of the most popular translations ever known.

Take this unique chance and download this free app from Google Play Store. The Quran Pickthall is waiting for you with a world of wisdom.

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Download Quran Pickthall 2.0 APK

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