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Quran Sahih 1.0
File name: Quran-Sahih.APK
ID: quran.sahih.international.free
Version: 1.0
File Size: 1.8Mb

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Free Download Quran Sahih APK
Download Quran Sahih APK
Download Quran Sahih APK for Android

Quran Sahih Description

If you are a great admirer of the Quran and wish to take this famous book with you at any time, now you have the cance of downloading this incredible application whroug hyour mobile device. Android makes this possible for you.

You can read its verses as many times as you like, share your favourite quotes, learn the history of the most important book of all times and enjoy it at any moment.

The Quran Sahih International has arrived to change your life from now on.
What is The Quran Sahih International?

The Saheeh International, was formed by three American converts in 1989.
In 1997 their most outstanding work was published in 1997 which was a translation of the Quran´s meanings. This is one of the most accurate Quran´s translation available.

The executive director was Amutullah J. Bantley.

The author and translator: Umm Muhammad, Aminah Assami and its english editor : Mary M. Kennedy.
Here´s your chance to keep uo with this famous book and learn about this great translation. You´ll love it and it will teach you a lot.

Don´t wait any longer and download The Qu´ran Sahih International FREE from Google Play Store.
A world of wisdom is waiting for you!

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Download Quran Sahih 1.0 APK

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